Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Murgh Makhani ( Butter Chicken )

My husband and I love Indian food and we used to eat them almost every Sunday back then when I didn't really cook regularly like now but in these days , we no longer have curry that often becasue we've agreed that they are quite heavy and the older we are , the more difficult to digest it !

Anyway, since Indian curries have still been our we both are happy to have it once in a while and given I'm now more capable of cooking than the past, so it's even better to have e a homemade one than a takeaway !

This butter chicken is also from the lastest issue of BBCGoodfood magazine ( June's ) of good recipes I've given them a try apart from Apple Crumble Loaf and Cherry Oat Squares made earlier which so far, none of them has made me disappointed!!

The recipe is TBC...

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