Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitter Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Banana Foster Filling

There are a lot of times that I planned to do something to begin with but ended up with a different plan and this mousse cake is also the case !

When I firstly saw the chocolate banana mousse cake from here , it undoubtedly made me tempted and wanted to give it a try so I kind of went ahead and got all ingredients sorted ! Then I went back to the recipe and read through it carefully..started with a cake sponge base which made me have second thoughts ! Given many times of failure to make a sponge cake that contains neno emulsifier , I honestly was not confident to follow the recipe provided..from there, the first change was then made !

I opted to make the cake base for a different recipe which I finally picked the chiffon cake rather than sponge. While the cake was being baked , I was about to prepare the banana, all of a sudden, banana foster popped into my head here come the second change ! I quickly looked for banana foster recipes and chose the one from pioneer woman that I know I can always trust the source..:)          

The third change I made was caused by my laziness.. since I couldn't be botherd to make two different mousse ,I simply chose dark chocolate mousse to cover the whole cake and being warned on the original recipe that the mousse might melt quickly due to using nothing but chocolate and cream..  the thought of how difficult it would be when deliver the cake to my victims made me change my mind ( for the last time ! ) again !

I ended up with the recipe from epicurious which doesn't call for anything to make the mousse hold its shape I decided to add some gelatin powder for the purpose ..and finally it turned out to be this one..the one I would proudly present !

The cake base recipe could be found here.
The banana foster recipe could be found here.
The mousse recipe could be found here. ( I made 1.5 portion of dark choc mousse and added 1/4 tsp gelatin powder)

Note : For the assemble, I brushed the top of layers with the banana foster sauce. Adding banana pieces on the first layer and mousse on the second.


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