Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Braised Chicken Thighs with Thai Style BBQ Sauce

I stumbled upon a photo of this yummy chicken on Facebook posted by a friend of my friend ( coincidentally,  the three of us are all namesakes! lol..) and it happened to be the same time as I was thinking of what to cook for the next dinner ! So I immediately wrote a comment and asked for the recipe... Few minutes later I got a reply from her telling me to wait which was not that long since the next morning when I checked on FB , I was already informed where to find the recipe! So I promptly went to it after leaving a thank-you note to the poster for being kind and sharing the recipe..

Turned out that the recipe is from one of Thai famous chefs and it's so simple that calls for only few ingredients ! The key thing, I reckon, to make the dish ( at least, look !)scrumptious is the homemade BBQ sauce. Luckily, I had all ingredients for the sauce, so I undoubtedly started making it straight away and later, went out to buy the chicken !

As for the verdict, the BBQ sauce is amazing and really makes the dish truly delicious and all in all, I personally think that  it's far too good to be missed! Anyway, there are different ways to cook with the sauce as suggested on the original, given some of leftover sauce, I've already planned to play it with something else in the near future!!

The recipe could be found here ( Note : for the sauce, I reduced amount of sugar & vinegar while added more of kikkoman sauce. And for the chicken, to make it easier to eat , I took the bones off and cut the chickens into bite-size pieces , then throw them back into the pan to coat with the sauce and sprinkled some chopped spring onion to get a bit more colorful. Served it with rice ).

Big and huge thank to Khun Koy of Jekyll and hyde who has kindly shared a lots of great recipes and tips to make food more delicious on her blog and more importantly, for becoming my FB friend..:)

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Maxine said...

Yum! This recipe is to try for definitely! Surely will taste good if the base would be like making the best barbeque sauce