Friday, May 11, 2012

Green Tea Cake

I made few different kinds of cakes the other day as a host to welcome my guests for a small lunch party and thought I should have enough of baking for the time being..But after two days break , I finally could no longer resist and got myself back on track to do what I love!

There's not particular reason why I chose this cake to just popped up in my head while I was thinking of what to bake and here it comes..

The recipe for the cake base is from here. ( I reduced sugar to 3/4 + 1/3 cups )

The recipe for the cream topping and red bean stuffing is from here. ( I added a matcha paste to the cream to get a subtle flavor )

Note : I mistakenly whipped the cream too long and consequently , my topping was a bit curdle..but apart from that no any harm done and the cake was lovely as it's supposed to be!  And the photos shown below were taken the day after the cake's done and straight from the fridge , so it might look unattractive to you while the taste is a different story..:)


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