Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mini Cookie & Cream Cheesecake

I hardly make cheesecake cuz my husband doesn't like it even though he's a cheese mania ! So these cute cheese (cup) cakes were surely not for him but they were meant to be a bd cake for a friend of mine and also a give away for few friends !

The recipe could be found here.

Orange & Cranberries Cookies

I am rather kind of lazy than hyper person but given so, I can't sit still and do nothing for such a long period either! Hence, when having free time on hands , I hilariously spend it in my way which is not definitely doing exercise like other desperate housewives do ( hey..I am not offending them at all..instead, I am jealous of what they are capable of !! ) can't be anything but baking!!

These cookies are a consequence of having a short free time while waiting for my husband to finish his rehab. what a good way to kill my time ,isn't it ??

The recipe could be found here. ( Note : I reduced sugar by half of what the original calls for and it's sweet enough even without sugar coating ! )

Spiced Red Lentil Soup

I didn't fancy making any kind of soup before and thought it's kind of boring. Then for some reason..probably getting older, my attitude has now I've intended to cook it more and hopefully, it would become one of my regular cooking dishes !

This soup caught my attention due to Thai red curry paste ,so I decided to give it a try without a second was a wonderful and perfect lunch !!

The recipe could be found here.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Black Bean, Kale & Chicken Soup

After heavily eating during Christmas holiday, my husband asked for something light & healthy to help him losing few pounds before big eating again on Chinese New Year!! So, I made this soup the next day after serving him this lamb dhansak.

 The recipe could be found here.

Lamb Dhansak

I've somehow fallen in love with Indian food even though sometimes it makes my tummy feel uncomfortably after eating...means too full and heavy ..:)

Hence, I am always keen on cooking Indian dishes especially curries when I find something new and interesting that I never try before. This lamb dhansak is new to me and it calls for butter squash which is one of things I never used in my cooking! why not make the first time happen??        

Malted Almond Brittle Bars

This is my first time for making a brittle but unfortunately, it's not a real one..:) However , what made me feel not guilty about it is that it's incredibly yummy and was gone very quick by my gal and her folks!

The recipe could be found here.

Back with Cape Malay Chicken Curry

Can't believe the last time I posted is about 8 months ago ! It doesn't mean, though, that I stop cooking or baking..let's say I just have a long break from blogging due laziness!

Now I am in a mood to write and post something to update my dusty blog ...and this curry is my choice for a comeback..

The recipe could be found here.