Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cinnamon Pumpkin Brioche Snails

I decided to make pumpkin brioche to welcome the Halloween to begin with but somehow I managed to get an idea to jazz the plain dough up and then ended up with sort of these cinnamon rolls/snails !

Note : I used about 450-500 g of pumpkin brioche dough and rolled it out, then brushed the top with some melted butter and sprinkled with the cinnamon+sugar mixture ( 3 tbsp of sugar and a tsp of cinnamon ) ...rolled them up and cut into 12 pieces !

These brioche snails have also been posted to yeastspotting hosted by Susan of Wildyeast.

Pumpkin Brioche Loaf

Given the Halloween is around the corner, I've therefore recently been seeing lots of dishes made of pumpkin posted everywhere on the foodie websites! And that kind of convinced me to make something about it..for nothing but to keep myself being trendy! lol..

Since I hadn't made anything with yeast for a while, so I simply chose this bricohe to play with which is quite easy and nothing is really complicated..what you need is patience and time get it done!

The recipe could be found here.  I made half of the recipe and ended up with a loaf plus 12 pieces of rolls ( which I called them ' cinnamon pumpkin brioche snails ' )

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pad Cha Kung ( Spicy Stir-fried Prawns )

I don't cook Thai food on regular basis but that's not because I don't like it..the matter of fact is that I'm not good at cooking them especially, all dishes I fancy while those of dishes that I happen to be able to cook are all fatty food which make me deliberately avoid them for my consumers' health's sake !

Anyway, I sometimes come accross something that makes me feel like eating /cooking..and this scrumptious spicy dish is the case ! The dish is hot ans spicy from herbs and spices but you can control a degree of spiciness with amount of chillies. Since I cooked it for my husband,so I tried not to overload chillies but unfortunately, it seemed far too much for him to handle ! Finally, we got the problem sorted..I let him eat only prawn which is the only thing in the dish that I don't like while I happily took care of all the it's win-win situation ! lol..

The recipe could be found here and thanks a lot to Khun Jum of maesalim who has always given out lots of great recipes that never let me down !    


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Creamcheese Crumb Bars

Rugby world cup has been taking place at the moment and as a sport lover, my husband is certainly into it, especially when England was playing, yet they are unfortunately no longer a part of tournament ! Anyway, honestly speaking, while I felt (a bit) sorry for him that his team didn't perform well enough to get through the semi-final but on the other hand, I was quite happy that now I don't have to be a secret-supporter for France !! lol..

Now talking about the baked stuff, I couldn't remember what I did at the first place to end up with these apple bars on this site but that doesn't really matter...what's more interesting to me is the recipe itself that happens to have some ingredients I'd like to use them up !

As for the verdict, I, myself , thought the bars are far the bad thing is that I couldn't get a judge from my favorite tester cuz he refused to have any when offered and that's just because he's far too upset with the rugby result ! Anyway, while I am writing this post , it's not yet a proper time to serve him a piece...but I'm getting my fingers crossed that he would give me a good feedback when he has some!!

The recipe could be found here. ( note : the adjustment I made is to use rolled oat instead of quick cooking one and reduce amount of both sugars and condensed milk, then I added the apples before pouring the creamcheese mixture over ! )

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soft Pretzels

Lately, I've been making things that do not involve yeast; so much so I'm now so missing playing with it.. As a consequence, I chose thie pretzel to play with..and I am totally pleased with the result!!

The recipe is from Alton Brown and could be found here.

Ps. This article has also been posted to yeastspotting hosted by Susan of Wildyeast.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


One of my aims to be here doing blogging is to share something I've thought it's good and interesting with people who love baking and cooking like me. Unfortunately, today I don't feel like saying or telling about anything at all..I'd just like to write about this jammer cuz I've thought it's too good to be ignored or left behind without getting posted !

You could find the recipe from here where the jammer is described very clear how it's become or called 'jammer'.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Coconut Cake

I'd normally make my own decision/choice on what to bake and consequently whom to give..this way gives me no pressure and makes me really enjoy doing what I like! Anyway, I also bake things upon request but it doesn't happen that often because people around me know what I am like :)

This young coconut cake is a request from my dear friend which actually had been asking for it a while a good friend, I kept ignoring her request and made something else instead for the last few times when we got then all of a sudden, I felt guilty and decided that it's time to make her happy..:) The only problem is...the cake has been done but as of now I still don't know when and where it will be delivered to her ! LOL..

In my point of view, the cake is not difficult to make but needs some time to finish the whole steps. The most difficult part for me is decorating.. especially, when there's alcohol in my !! Anyway, I managed to get it done at the end when the alcohol faded away...:)
The recipe could be found here.