Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Creamcheese Crumb Bars

Rugby world cup has been taking place at the moment and as a sport lover, my husband is certainly into it, especially when England was playing, yet they are unfortunately no longer a part of tournament ! Anyway, honestly speaking, while I felt (a bit) sorry for him that his team didn't perform well enough to get through the semi-final but on the other hand, I was quite happy that now I don't have to be a secret-supporter for France !! lol..

Now talking about the baked stuff, I couldn't remember what I did at the first place to end up with these apple bars on this site but that doesn't really matter...what's more interesting to me is the recipe itself that happens to have some ingredients I'd like to use them up !

As for the verdict, I, myself , thought the bars are far the bad thing is that I couldn't get a judge from my favorite tester cuz he refused to have any when offered and that's just because he's far too upset with the rugby result ! Anyway, while I am writing this post , it's not yet a proper time to serve him a piece...but I'm getting my fingers crossed that he would give me a good feedback when he has some!!

The recipe could be found here. ( note : the adjustment I made is to use rolled oat instead of quick cooking one and reduce amount of both sugars and condensed milk, then I added the apples before pouring the creamcheese mixture over ! )