Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Coconut Cake

I'd normally make my own decision/choice on what to bake and consequently whom to give..this way gives me no pressure and makes me really enjoy doing what I like! Anyway, I also bake things upon request but it doesn't happen that often because people around me know what I am like :)

This young coconut cake is a request from my dear friend which actually had been asking for it a while a good friend, I kept ignoring her request and made something else instead for the last few times when we got then all of a sudden, I felt guilty and decided that it's time to make her happy..:) The only problem is...the cake has been done but as of now I still don't know when and where it will be delivered to her ! LOL..

In my point of view, the cake is not difficult to make but needs some time to finish the whole steps. The most difficult part for me is decorating.. especially, when there's alcohol in my !! Anyway, I managed to get it done at the end when the alcohol faded away...:)
The recipe could be found here.


Rachael said...

Is there a link with the recipe in English?

pepsakoy said...

Not sure.. But so far, I haven't seen the recipe in English version yet!