Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pad Cha Kung ( Spicy Stir-fried Prawns )

I don't cook Thai food on regular basis but that's not because I don't like it..the matter of fact is that I'm not good at cooking them especially, all dishes I fancy while those of dishes that I happen to be able to cook are all fatty food which make me deliberately avoid them for my consumers' health's sake !

Anyway, I sometimes come accross something that makes me feel like eating /cooking..and this scrumptious spicy dish is the case ! The dish is hot ans spicy from herbs and spices but you can control a degree of spiciness with amount of chillies. Since I cooked it for my husband,so I tried not to overload chillies but unfortunately, it seemed far too much for him to handle ! Finally, we got the problem sorted..I let him eat only prawn which is the only thing in the dish that I don't like while I happily took care of all the it's win-win situation ! lol..

The recipe could be found here and thanks a lot to Khun Jum of maesalim who has always given out lots of great recipes that never let me down !    


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