Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Braised Pork with Mustard Sauce

To me, nothing is better than cooking something that doesn't require a lot of ingredients ,yet the outcome is terrific and scrumptious. Everytime I find or come accross any recipe that falls into the category mentioned above , I feel like winning a lottery !

This pork is certainly the case. It's another great recipe given out by Khun Koy of Jykell & Hyde. Lots of people have made it and posted the photos all over FB ( that happened to show on my timeline )..what made me so amazed and convinced to give the dish a try is that noone has failed to love it and how people have been raving about !

Anyway, I didn't expect it to be that easy to make the dish but when I've seen the recipe , I just couldn't believe how simple the recipe is and honestly, had a little doubt if it could be as good as its reputation..:)  Incredibly, it turned out to be what people exactly have said about..and I felt like getting a jackpot from a slot machine!

However, in my own opinion , this pork might not be as kid-friendly as the chicken ( from the same reliable source !) I've previous made..but it could definitely make adults impressed ! Considering all inputs needed and a fabulous outcome..this is a must to try!!

The recipe could be found here. Big thank again toKhun Koy for kindly sharing this recipe..:)


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