Sunday, January 15, 2012

Povitica (Croatian/Serbian/Slovenian Nut Roll)

Finally, I managed to make the debut bread of the year after being busy with lots of things around since the year has started ! I've spotted this bread recently on this site and just promptly felt like making it for no reason. Actually, this is not the first time I've seen this kind of bread but I didn't bother to try it for some reason back then.. anyway, here it comes!

My concern about this bread is that my hubby who doesn't fancy any kind of nut might not like the bread because it contains a lot of walnut in the filling..but nothing could overcome my own desire when it comes to I decided to make it anyway..:)

As for the result, much to my surprise.. not only my husband finished the whole cut piece of nicely done povitica I served without any complaint or comment, he also asked for the second piece..and even more surprise that he said 'yes please' when I asked later if he would want some more for tomorrow! And the next day while I am writing this post..both of my loved ones are happily eating the leftover on the sofa  I couldn't help then but assume that this bread is such as a big success!

Ps. I've also posted this bread to yeastspotting hosted by Susan of Wildyeast..


Anonymous said...

The filling in your potica looks very different from the one I grew up with I am Slovenian, usually it is not so runny, the outside looks perfect though, I would be interested to know what is in your filling to make it look like this.

pepsakoy said...

I've got the recipe from the site linked stuffing was wetter than the one I've seen on that site..sorry for any mistake since I had no idea how it's supposed to be!