Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blueberry Whipped Cream Cupcakes

Without any resolution made or set, I've started the new year so far with baking a few of plain and simple things while cooking some new and interesting recipes for meals and truly enjoy doing both!

Now talking about the cupcakes, I've found the original recipe from this site and there, what really grabbed my attention is the method of making the cake. Using whipped cream for the batter is one of things that I'd never tried it before, so it's a good and only reason why I gave it a try!

Anyway, as if it's not interesting enough, I got an idea of adding something into the plain cake just to jazz things up which somehow ended up with blueberries. And due to a limit of time, I then decided to make it in a cupcake form that doesn't take long for baking.. As for the result, the texture was quite fine and dense but top of everything, it's soo tasty and yummy!! To prove my words, the best way is to try it yourself..isn't it?? :)

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