Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meen Ularthiyathu (Spicy Fish Stir Fry)

We normally eat fish once a week but it's always the same kind of fish and the same method of cooking which my husband has sometimes complained about it!  So, whenever I've found or come accross with something about fish that is new and interesting, I would certainly get excited and want to give it a try!

Given a rare chance of cooking and consuming a fresh tuna , I, therefore, was so keen to make this dish when I firstly saw it on this site and didn't wait that long to find out how delicious and flavorful it is! What a wonderful meal !

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Anonymous said...

This recipe is very interesting to try because based on these photos, it looks really delicious and tasty. Anyway, before I cook this recipe can I add some broccoli on it?

Easy Stir Fry