Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toffee Apple Cinnamon Buns

Without my husband around, last Saturday is another day that I had a lot of time for doing nothing which is unlike usual. But instead of feeling relaxed and taking things easy..I, on the other hand, got bored since early in the morning and felt really like doing something to fill up my day and no wonder (in my case!) what could be better than baking!

These buns caught my eyes since the first time I've seen its photo in Olive magazine ( March issue ) , yet I couldn't manage my time to make it until last Saturday. There are three parts of making the buns which consist of the dough, the cinnamon butter and the butterscotch sauce..anyway, I decided to make the dough using the different recipe ( I used water-roux method to make the dough ) while completely followed the original recipe for the other two parts!

Ps. This bun has also been posted to Yeastspotting hosted by Susan of Wildyeast.

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