Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mexican Wedding Cookies

My daughter told me early this week about her teacher's good news that she has been engaged since the last weekend and she also told me about a story of  the propasal kindly shared by her pretty teacher which made me smile and felt happy for the bride-to-be ! :)

Funny thing is that the next day my daughter came home and excitedly told me that she's seen a photo of her teacher's I jokingly asked her if he's handsome ? ...she thought for seconds, then said ' in between' !! ..what ?? I asked her back again  and this time she explained more clearly..' you know..he's handsome and not handsome at the same time' ...and that made me laugh not sure if her teacher would be happy to hear about my daughter's comment..:) Anyway, I'm sure they will be a great couple ..Congratulations!!

Having given her teacher some of my baked goods through the school year so far, I then immediately got an idea of baking something for her as a pre-wedding gift/snack ..(good excuse, isn't it? lol) and the first thing came up in my mind is this Mexican wedding cookie!!  

The recipe could be found here.

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