Saturday, May 14, 2011

Salty Flaxseed and Cornmeal Cookies

I've got a whole big bag of cornmeal to use up before it passes the expiry date which is coming so soon...When I saw this cookie posted on foodgawker, not only it came at the right time to rescue me but it also made me interested in a way the dough prepared, plus the recipe calls for flaxseed that I happen to have a lot in my it couldn't be a better chance to have it a go!

The dough is very easy to make but honestly, it seems to be the weirdest dough I've ever made and I couldn't help but doubt if the outcome would be edible...After 8 minutes of baking, I could no longer wait to find out, so I excitedly broke one of the baked cookies into pieces and put a hot piece in my mouth...along with hope in mind!

Eventhough the taste was quite odd to me to begin with but it's surely edible! I then patiently let them cool to the room temperature and tried another piece..this time it tasted much better with the crunchier and crispier texture! Piece after piece, I decided that I like the cookie and could really put it in my favorite cookie lists !

The recipe could be found here.

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