Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baked Apricot Bars

Even though I've been cooking and baking lots of things for some time now I still find myself not feeling comfortable enough to make something without seeing an original product first! And that's why I had second thoughts about trying the apricots bars potsed on David Lebovitz's site because there's no picture of the bars shown!

However,my curiosity won in this defeated my inner fear or inconfidence and in the end, I even managed to have enough guts to modify the recipe! Typical

And the result? I had some of the filling and topping...The apricot filling was so gorgeous and really worth your effort to make instead of using a paste as a substitute like David's suggested while the crumb topping was fabulously buttery ( consequence of adding more butter, I guess!)

You could find the recipe from here..

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