Saturday, April 30, 2011

Orange and Poppy Seed Cupcakes

To me, orange and poppy seed always make a perfect duo for all kinds of baking goods and it's hard to resist whenever/wherever I see them made and appeared as a food!

I was inspired to make the cupcakes by this post  from Khun Jum of who is one of my favorite and best food bloggers..I've learned lots of things from her blog/website since I've started cooking&baking!

Actually, I gave her recipe a try but my cake was underbaked and it turned out wet and poorly rise inside..I figured the problem out and it's nothing wrong with the recipe, instead it's the oven (top heat is far too much and makes tops of baking goods turn browned or burnst so quick!) that caused me a fail. Anyway, I changed the recipe for the second try and decided to make it in cupcake form to avoid long-time baking and this time they came out totally fine...

The recipe could be found here.

Note : I modified the recipe a bit by replacing a tbsp of marmalade with a tbsp of orange concentrated juice and also reduced sugar to 150 g.     


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