Saturday, April 2, 2011

Guyanese Butterflaps

When it comes to bread, no matter what it is, needless to say how easy I could fall in love and be tempted to give any recipe a try!

These Guyanese butterflaps were written about and have been posted by Cynthia of Tastes Like Home. They are, in fact, nothing more than just bread and butter..yet it could find a way come to my mind and somehow played a trick to make me convinced that this simple and plain bread would be worth my time & (little) effort and pay off nicely!

I didn't use Cynthia's recipe to make a dough but I instead chose one of my favorite and reliable recipes and simply followed a process of filling and shaping the for the outcome, they are absolutely a perfect match..the bread and butter!!


Ps. this bread has also been posted to yeastspotting hosted by Susan of Wildyeast..


Anonymous said...

these look soooo delicious! great photos

Anonymous said...

Some look like vag.

abstract canvas said...

Haha they do look nice but I agree with Anon!

pop art canvas said...

Oh you guys, they do look tasty!

Alan said...

Have to agree with annonymous here.. tasty! :)

red wall art said...

Really good read, thanks for all your hard work on this.

Anonymous said...

If u think that good try the cheese flaps u will b on cloud nine

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