Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shor gogal

Shor gogal is a popular savoury pastry, made from layers of pastry flavoured with turmeric and fennel seeds. Shor gogal, sheker bura and bakhlava are all eaten at the Novruz spring holiday. According to one tradition, the round, yellow gogal represents the sun, while the crescent shaped sheker bura is the moon. The process of making gogal is time consuming and, traditionally, the women of the family come together before Novruz to make gogal. Although gogal are a holiday food, nowadays they are enjoyed all year round as well.

The first time I saw shor gogal posted on this site I was absolutely thrilled by its look and determined to make them without even knowing what it really is! At the first glance, I thought the recipe was quite difficult to follow but after reading carefully, it's not that complicated as I expected..I ,though, kind of made a mess a bit when shaping and filling the rolled up dough..but all in all , no any harm done to the final outcome !

Since I knew nothing about the bread, so I didn't have guts to modify the recipe and simply followed the recipe step by step..The only thing I made a change (eventually!) is to use caraway seeds as a substitute for anise seeds because I couldn't find it in supermarkets  or shops where I normally go for food shopping..

Now talking about a result, the shor gogal turned out to be a big hit for the whole family! My 5 years old daughter who doesn't fancy any kind of spices (except cinnamon) had a whole piece of it and my husband said it's now one of his favorite breads I've ever made..that's all I can say!

Please click here to see the recipe..

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farida said...

Thank you for trying the shorgoghal recipe! You made my day:) Your shorgoghals looks great!

Jimmy said...

Mine never looked quite like the food art here, but they taste great!