Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drunken Apple Cake

I was attracted by the name of this apple cake when I saw it posted on Leite's Culinaria and honestly speaking, it's the only reason why I decided to give it a try! lol..

Fortunately, the cake doesn't require anything complicated..not even having to make yourself drunk (like the cake!) to get it done nicely :) what an easy-peasy recipe! If you fancy apple cakes, I reckon you shouldn't miss it!

The recipe could be found here.   


la petite frog said...

haha the name of this cake is fun! it looks delicious :)

David Leite said...

What a beauty! You can bake our stuff anytime. So glad you like the recipe. I love it, and it's good to see other bakers like it, too.

Chaiyut said...

I Love It

Pretty. Good. Food. said...

Mmm, this sounds fantastic!