Sunday, October 31, 2010

Apple and Cheddar Cheese Scones

Scone is one of few things that I've repeatedly made, yet using different recipes. Hence, I've learned many things from making a variety of them and found that it's not hard to make a good scone if you could pick the right tips!

When I saw this apple and cheddar scone posted on Leite's Culinaria (where is one of my favorite sites), I was really attracted by not only a description of the scone but also a method of preparing the dough. So needless to say what I ended up doing! lol..

Although I carefully followed the recipe but a mistake happened and I was not aware of it until finishing the dough up with the egg wash..There I found all sugar called for in the recipe was missed !! But the show must go on, so I simply fixed my mistake by topping the dough with all sugar which I decided to use demerara instead of caster sugar ( how dare

As for a verdict, despite a mistake made, yet the scone was delicious! It's a perfect combination of apple and cheddar..However, my husband who was told about the mistake said it could be better if the sugar is mixed into the dough as it's supposed to be..but I couldn't help but wonder what he would have said if he didn't know about    

The recipe could be found here..

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Alenka said...

Delicious! Thank you!