Thursday, September 30, 2010

Orange Mousse Cake

This year in my daughter's new class at school, there are another two mums who coincidently have the same nationality as me and I couldn't help but be excited and happy about it because I never ever had this experience before since my daughter has gone to school ! And on top of everything, we happen to get along very well and have quickly grown our friendships in a short period of time which made me feel even better !

So it took less than a month before I got invited to join a lunch from one of the mums mentioned above and needless to say what  my response was. As always, I politely asked the host if I could take care of a dessert of the meal and my (new) friend was nice enough to accept my offer..this orange mousse cake is, therefore, a consequence !!

I chose the recipe from one of my trustworthy sources to avoid an unsuccessful result ( tastewise!). The cake has 3 different parts which consist of a cake base (a sponge cake), layers of orange mousse and orange jelly topping...sounds complicated but it's actually not! What you need is time and patience for waiting until the whole cake is done which I think the final outcome is truly worth your time and effort.

Anyway, I am writing this post before I bring the cake to our there's no verdict to tell about my cake yet but hopefully, I would get some good feedback from my tasters. I'm getting my fingers crossed !! lol..

The recipe could be found here and I'd like to thank Khun Jum who has contributed lots of great recipes (and excellent demonstration! ) on her blog !



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Anonymous said...

This cake is wondwerfull, like your site, but I don't find the recipe in english or french. Can you put it on, please? I like to do it next week for Cristhmas.
Have a nice Cristhmas.