Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turkey Sausage and Bean Stew

I love slow cooked food..stews or casseroles are always my choices if I have enough time to cook a meal ! As for this stew, I came accross it a while ago on this blog posted/written by Kalyn (of Kalyn's Kitchen)and marked it as one of my things-to-cook list on my recipes file !

Anyway, I've got a true confession about this stew to make..Firstly, I didn't plan to cook it as a dinner of the day to begin with..but I,in fact, decided to make the dish just right after I got my parmesan pull-aparts out of the oven which I suddenly thought that it would be (even) nicer to eat the bread along with something else rather than itself alone and then this stew came through my mind !

The thing is that I got only less than an hour to make the stew before a dinner time which is actually not long enough to get it done nicely..but nothing could stop me once I've already decided to do something and that's me ! So I went ahead and just hoped that it would be fineeee.. and thank goshh , the stew was fantasssticcc !

Anyway,I still wonder whether it would be better if I cook it long as the recipe states which I surely will find out when I cook it next time..Also I am tempted to replace fresh sausages for fully cooked ones that I think it would be tasty as well and I promise to let you all know how it goes !!







TheCrepesofWrath said...

Definitely going to make this!

chuck said...

I'm trying to make more beans and this dish is going to be one that I make. OMG it looks amazing!

Kevin said...

That stew looks tasty!