Monday, February 23, 2009


This is not the first time that I've learn something new through the internet and I'm sure it wouldn't be the last either..

I firstly saw this French snack posted by Corey of tongue in cheek on foodgawker which its photo totally got my attention..consequently, I did some search on google to find out more about it and expectedly ended up giving it a try !

The recipe is adapted from Corey's blog..And please accept my apology if my bugnes happens to look nothing like it's supposed to be..simply blame my inadequate experience !

What I used :

250 g plain flour
1/4 heaped tsp salt
1 large egg
50 g double cream
50 g butter
1.5 tbsp sugar
1.5 tbsp dark rum
1 tsp orange flower water
Canola oil for deep frying

Note: the method is pretty much the same as the original, only I cut the dough into rectangle forms instead of diamond..


cat lover said...

โอ้ว แบบนี้ จิ้มนมข้น อร่อยแน่ๆ

pepsakoy said...

โน โน คุณตา ... มันประมาณ.. อร่อยแท้ๆ แม้ไม่ทาอะไร เหมือนหนมปังการ์ดีเนียก่ะ 55

btw, something's wrong with your comment box..couldn't post a comment !!

MC said...

These bugnes look a lot like those my mom used to make for festive days like Mardi Gras or Mi-Carême when I was a little girl growing up in Paris! It made me misty-eyed to see the pictures and the recipe. Thank you!

pepsakoy said...

Thanks,MC ..I'm really glad to know that my bugnes looks similiar to the ones made by your mum..I'm sure it wouldn't taste as good as your mums!!