Monday, April 7, 2008

Chocolate cola cake with toasted coconut-almond frosting

I normally don't make a cake very often.. only when I get attracted by a recipe somehow or on a duty.. This time it happens to be both reasons ! Cola called for in the recipe made me tempted and since it's my helper's I didn't need any more reason to give it a try, did I ??

I've got the recipe from this blog written by a woman called Patricia whom I think is another great baker/cooker and ,therefore, has made her blog is very interesting.. I have to thank her for this great recipe..all of my family liked it !!



For more details of this cake..please visit my other site by clicking the link on the title ! Hope you enjoy!


Hungry Hamster said...

Wow, you have lots of interesting creation! I made choc mint cupcakes to satisfy my choc craving too, will post them up soon!

The addition of cola sounds great! Will need to try this out in order to find out what it taste like!

pepsakoy said...

Thanks HH for your comment..It tastes great,believe me!! lol

dailydelicious said...

I really want to try this kind of recipe but never have a chance.
Ps. your cake look great.

bake-aholic said...

I always fancy any kinds of chocolate especailly with topping like this..coconut+almond+caramel. Is it ok to use normal Cola?