Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fish Stew

Sometimes I am struggled to come up with an idea of what to cook for meals but on the other hand, there is also some time that a few kinds of food come through my mind at the same time like this moment and I wish I could have enough time to cook them all at once !

I've done a lot of cooking and baking since getting back from CNY break ..as if it never happened..:) anyway, I really enjoy doing what I like..plus it's full of challenge and fun to make people around enjoy eating and well stuffed!

Now talking about this fish stew , what I've found interesting about the recipe is that it doesn't have a tomato base like lots of seafood stews I've seen or made do..even better that it's easy , yet nutritious to make you a wonderful meal!

It's suggested to serve with crusty bread to soak up the sauce but I instead made garlic whole wheat bread using the leftover bread bought from a local bakery to go along with the stew..and I thought it didn't make the meal less perfect!!

The recipe could be found here.


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