Tuesday, February 26, 2013

B & B Pound Cake

Even though I have done lots of baking as you've seen through my blog , it's strange but true that apart from being a good taster, neither my husband nor my daughter has hardly involved or helped me out with making which I don't really feel anything about it..but of course, I am certainly happy when they want to participate!

Last Sunday, while I was preparing all ingredients for the B&B pound cake, to my surprise, my daughter walked into the kitchen and asked if she could help me making the cake and I said ' yes, of course my darling !  and so the mess had begun..:) Anyway, it was fun to have her around and answer non-stop questions she had about the cake..and she really made a good job on breaking the eggs and also scraping the batter down through the bowl! And with her priceless help, it's no doubt why I got such a scrumptious and delicious outcome to feed and please people around..:)

Speaking of the recipe, the original is called mixed berries pound cake but what I could find on the shelf in the supermarket was only blueberries and black berries, thus, I have renamed it as seen on the title post above!

What caught my attention is not only the photos posted on the site which look so scrumptious but also the cinnamon streusel called for that is stuffed in the middle of the batter instead of topping it as usual..and I couldn't wait that long to give it a try!

The recipe could be found here. ( Note : I made only 2/3 recipe and used 8 inch silicone bundt mold. I also reduced sugar for the batter to only 1 cup )

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