Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garoupa Head and Basil Thai Sour Curry

It's strange but true that I don't cook Thai food very often..and of course not because I don't like it but the matter of fact is that I can't cook and make it the way I'd love!

But it happens sometimes when I feel like eating something that could not generally be found anywhere in the only way to serve my own craving is to cook it myself.

This sour curry is the case! Although it's actually not difficult to find sour curry in any Thai restaurant but it's not easy either to get specific ingredients in a curry..definitely not both Garoupa head and basil in one like I here came the curry!!

I've found the recipe from here ( Thanks Khun Wattana who has posted the recipe anyway ) which made me feel hungry straight away.. And once I read through the post, I knew from there what would be my next mission ( in the kitchen!).


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Jack said...

This is one of the best curries i've ever tasted, the pictures are like art work too!