Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vanilla Custard Cake

This cake has been a hit not only among Thai food bloggers but also my friends who have tasted it...and I never fail to get compliments every single time I make it ! Please give it a try and you will find out how gorgeous the cake is.. 

The recipe could be found here.


danamo said...

thank you very much for the great recipes.
may i ask you something ,please?
would you post the recipe here because i couldn't understand the recipe in the link that you referred to.

Nina Greer said...

Is there a way to find this recipe in English? The link was not English and I had a hard time putting it though a translator. Thanks

pepsakoy said...

I'm afraid that it's difficult to find the recipe in Thai..unless I translate and post it here! I will do it if there is a high demand..

Anonymous said...

Would u mind posting it in English ? It looks so yummy I really want to try it