Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sausage and Lentil Stew

I never cooked or ate lentil before and it took me almost half of my life ( this is to be assumed that I would live a long find out how it tastes ! Honestly, I might have never had chance to know about or try it if I didn't live in a cosmopolitan country like Hong big thank to my husband who has made my world widely open !

Lentil, to Asian people like me , is not something we are growing up with..maybe it's probably like how little some westerners know about or get familiar with sticky rice or soya bean !

Now back to the dish..I chose to make my debut lentil dish because I had some pancetta that I bought a while ago but couldn't decide what to do with it..As always, when I realized that it's not long before the pancetta was going to pass its expiry date, I seeked help from the internet ! This time I opted for bbcgoodfood to get my choice and it turned out to be this stew. Sausage is a family's favorite and lentil is what I'd like to it's a win-win situation !  

The stew was sooo tasty. Everybody even my young daughter was happy with a combination of sausage and lentil...and I found out that the later the tastier ! I didn't take any photo of the finished stew on the day I cooked but did it later after it'd been frozen for a week and it was drier than freshly cooked which you could see from the photos ..Anyway..Bon appetit !

The recipe could be found here.



spsq said...

Threw it in the slowcooker this morning. Ate it tonight. Even though it's similar to other stew recipes, this one is bang on! Delicious! (added celery, used less sausage b/c I didn't have so much). Thanks!

pepsakoy said...

spsq..slow cooking method is such a good idea for the dish..glad you like the recipe!

jim said...

jim said...