Monday, May 10, 2010

Behemoth Crumb Cake

My first reaction to this cake when I saw it on seriouseats is laughing and then I thought it's such a ridiculous cake..kind of baked crumb topped with cake , not a cake that has a crumb topping and honestly, I didn't really feel like giving it a try to begin with!

Strange but true though, it kept coming through my mind and made me go back on the site to have a look at it again..this time, I've saved the recipe into my file and I didn't stop at that point..instaed, I went on to make a real one for nothing but fun!!

Anyway, with a massive amount of butter required, I didn't have guts to make a whole I halved the recipe and reduced amount of sugar in both cake and crumb topping for health's sake. As for the outcome, the cake base looked like it's underbaked with some wet texture spotted but it tasted fine and my crumb topping seems darker than the original one I've seen on the site. Anyway, it tasted as good as all other crumb toppings..In my opinion, because of its thickness, it's ,therefore, not all crispy..

My verdict ? This cake is nothing but plain cake with a huge amount of crumbs ( as it's named ! ). If you are a crumb mania and don't count yourself as a weight watcher, then it's probably one of things worth your try...

The recipe could be found here

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