Monday, May 10, 2010

Salmon Fingers with Crispy Couscous Crust

Salmon is not one of things that I usually cook but it's not something I would miss if I find or come accross any interesting recipe ! And what made me attracted to this salmon dish is not salmon itself but it's the way to cook it..To be clearer, using coucous as a crust is the reason why I've found it tempting and decided to make it without a second thought..

The recipe is from leiteculinaria where I always visit and more often than not, get interesting recipes from.. I also made asparagus and spring peas salad to serve along with the salmon as posted on the site..And speaking of the result, my husband who ate 95% of all said that I could serve him this dish anytime I want without asking. Hence, I've assumed it must be delicious !!

You can find both recipes from here . Bon Appetit..

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