Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Revised Rosemary Shortbread..

I made this shortbread the other day and it seemed overbaked considering from color and texture..then  I was kind of curious to see whether there would be any difference or not if I bake it shorter than I've done at the first time

So I decided to remake it and this time with 2 things changed ,firstly, I used 8 inches cake pan instead of 9" as called for in the original recipe. And the second is to reduce a baking time to only 16 minutes..

Now speaking of the outcome, their taste is not the issue here because I used exactly the same amount of all ingredients..but there're few differnces between them..this time, since I used a smaller pan plus shorter baking time, consequently, they're thicker and chewier than the first one. And although they're not as crispy as the first version , yet I could feel crispiness around the edge ! In my point of view, the first version is more like cookie while the second one seems to be a real shortbread.. 

Anyway, strange but true..my little daughter and I thought the same that we prefer the first crispy one to the second proper shortbread !  And I'll leave it up to you which version you think is better...

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