Sunday, April 25, 2010

Palak Gosht and Spiced Gobi

I always give my husband few choices to choose for what he would like for Saturday dinner so that I can get things sorted and planned beforehand. This week ,as usual, I picked 2 recipes which are this palak gosht and the other recipe with prawn and let my husband decide what he wanted. And he (who always complains about himself being overweight) chose this indian dish without hesitation..oh dearrr !

Palak Gosht is an indian moghul dish..basicly made of lamb and spinach. I've found the recipe posted by Julie Dreyfoos on which I never heard about it before. What made me interested in the dish is a combination of lamb and spinach and I saved the recipe straight away after I read through the post..

Anyway, I decided to make another Indian dish that had been waiting for me to give it a try for a long time which is a spiced gobi or is kind of aloo gobi without aloo (potato)..ideal for people who don't fancy potato that much like me!

It wouldn't be perfect to have an Indian meal without naan bread, would it ? So I also made naan to serve along with two dishes above..At the end, it undoubtedly turned out to be a great great meal and it's really worth all my effort of making three things at the same time for one meal( which doesn't frequently happen)

As for the result, I am not telling you what I think about it but what I am saying is that my husband asked for the leftovers as a dinner on the next day and that is not what he normally does, to eat something two days in a row.. So you could guess what it means...

You could find the recipe for palak gosht here . Anyway, I made few changes to the original recipe..firstly I cut off amount of lamb to 500 g while added more spanich to it. I also used more yogurt than it's called for in the recipe and the last is to add one chopped tomato to the dish while the original recipe doesn't include it.

And the recipe for the gobi is from Stephen & Kerry of dinnerdiary which could be found here. I didn't make any change but doubled the recipe and didn't bother to measure the water and lemon juice when added..

Finally, please accept my apology for not having excellent photos posted on the site! Because I had to do lots of things at the same time in the kitchen without any help and none of my consumers has a patience to wait for thier food, so I didn't really have enough time to shoot many photos..the photos below are the best I've got..

Here is the palak gosht..


And the spiced gobi..

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