Saturday, May 17, 2008

Triple Nuts Bars

The original recipe is called 'Toasted Hazelnut Bars'' which I found through cookiemadness site. I decided to give it a try before I realized that there is not any hazelnut in my cupboard..welll...I looked through the shelve and thought..what about macadamia,cashew and pistachio ..hmm sounds even better , doesn't it?? ...and that's why I changed a bit of the title!

Btw, I made few mistakes (it certainly doesn't effect the taste though) . Firstly, I halved the recipe and used 8'' square tin which it's a bit too small for a half batter. Consequently, the batter was over the crust and then produced burnt edges at the final stage when it came out of the oven..or maybe I just left it too long in the oven ..ehh??

Secondly, I didn't line the pan with a parchment paper ( the original recipe doesn't use it either) which gave me a little difficulty when slicing because the crust stuck to the pan a bit and the last mistake is to cut the bars before chilled (even the recipe said so) .. because the custard was not totally set, so I couldn't manage to slice it into nice bars ! In my point of view, it would be better if you chill it before slicing ..

As for the taste , believe me it's much much better than the outlook.. Well..blame myself for failing to take any good photos out of it...






bake-aholic said...

lots of nuts....yum yum :)

Vanillaorchid said...

absolutely yummy yummy ka. ^_^