Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A good start of the year..

We was spending  a great time in NZ with good old friends during last year's Christmas break and now have been back to settle with the new year which it's been so far so good...especially about my cooking and baking !

Here is what I've successfully done for a good start of the year..

Begin with this aromatic and tasteful 'Chilli Marrakech' that I've got the recipe from my most favorite food magazine...in my own opinion, it's much more interesting than normal chilli !

Secondly, I chose this 'Finnish Pulla' to be a debut of my baking and it's totally a big hit in my family..:)

And the lastest dish I'd proudly like to present here is 'Masala Chicken Pie' ...the way that makes the curry much more interesting !!


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