Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hungarian Apple Pie

I seem addicted to baking and not quite sure if it's better or worse that now I bake almost everyday or sometimes twice a day! People keep asking me what I've done with all of my baked goods and I just let a broad smile escape, then simply say 'give away' ..:)

Some of my friends suggested me to do it as a business but I know myself that I can' joy is to bake whatever I want , so I don't think I would be happy and enjoy if I have to do something following other people's order or requirement. Thank my lovely husband for all of his support and more importantly for being a great taster/consumer of my baked goods and cooked foods..nothing can make me happier than seeing people around me enjoy eating the things I've cooked/'s such a simple happiness of life!

Now talking about the pie, it's claimed to be Hungarian/European version of apple pie which caught my attention..and when this thing happens, you can easily guess what I would end up with!

The recipe could be found here. ( Note : I sub yogurt for sour cream and reduced the icing sugar to 80 g )



OutsideTheBox said...

I love good food and taking pictures of it. Did you make this pastry or buy it?

pepsakoy said...

I made it..:)