Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bengali Lamb Dry Curry

I like cooking and eating all kinds of curries but Indian ones seem to be the winner..I've fallen in love with spices that make a magic to the outcomes which never fail to please my testers !

When I spotted the photo of this curry, it immediately caught my attention and made me go straight to view the post...The original dish is made using mutton but unfortunately, it's not easy to find the meat in HK or at least from where I normally shop..so instead of giving up, I chose lamb as a substitute !

The dish is recommended to serve with what it's called sweet pea pulao which calls for some dried fruits and cashew nut. Given my husband and daughter are not big fan of those, so I omitted them and remained the rest ingredients and was happy to call it ' Pea Pulao ' !

The recipe could be found here.  

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