Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crepe Suzette

I used to make pancake for breakfast when my gal was a little kid and didn't have any activity on Saturday mornings..but in these days, I hardly do the same cuz so little time , so many things to deal with !

We went to Hoi An on CYN break and at the hotel , both of my husband and daughter seemed to enjoy eating crepe every single morning while we back at home, all of a sudden, this classic French dessert just came through my mind and I didn't wait that long to give it the first try ! I chose the recipe from Delia Smith , one of my reliable sources and of course, it didn't let me down and what a huge success I've got..:)

The recipe could be found here. ( Note : I used lemon zest and juice less than the recipe calls for and also added a bit more sugar to the sauce )


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