Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Cheese Biscuits

Time seems to fly very quick since the year has started while my blog has been left unupdated's not that I have no time to cook and bake but there have just been lots of things happening to intervene! Anyway, I finally found my way back to blogging and do what I like here!!

Now speaking of the biscuits, I've found it on David Lebovitz's blog and what made me keen on giving it a try is a blue cheese which happens to be a favorite cheese of both my husband's and mine! Nothing is complicated to prepare the dough but you need some time to let it set in the fridge which I left mine overnight before baking!

As for a verdict, if you are a big fan of blue cheese , then this is one of things you shouldn't miss.. it's a real savoury biscuit and made a great snack..And I guess it would be great to serve it along with a bowl of soup or salad which I've planned to do when I make it next time!

The recipe could be found here..


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