Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rosemary and Cornmeal Grissini

I had proscuitto served with grissini at a restaurant in St.Kilda beach when we were on Christmas holiday and what bothered me is a taste of grissini which I thought it's far too salty when paired with the cured ham and thought it would have been more delicious if it got less salt in the breadsticks!

Anyway, strangely yet truely,  I kept thinking about those salty grissini even when I got back to HK. And when I saw these grissini posted by Susan of wildyeast , the first thing come through my mind is those grissini and proscuitto I had in Melbourne !

No doubt that I was completely convinced to make this one, not only because I've got some rosemary and cornmeal to use up while they are reaching their expiry dates but also I wanted to serve it the same way we had before to see what my hubby would think about it..

To make sure that the grissini wouldn't be too salty,  I, therefore, reduced a bit amount of salt called for in the original recipe and also added some sugar ( 2 tsp ) to the dough (while it's not required in the original version). As for the outcome, the grissini were slightly crispy and chewy while rosemary made its being tangy in the bread quite well..they could totally be a great snack themselves but when served with proscuitto as hors d'œuvre, my husband who was served with the dish and then was asked if it's better than the one we had in Melbourne said 'infinitely' which is much more than I expected!! :)

The recipe could be found here and I'd like to thank Susan for a great recipe! This post has also been sent to yeastspotting hosted by the same Susan of wildyeast.


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Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Beautiful! So glad you liked the recipe.