Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shrimp in Sherry Butter Sauce

Although I don't eat prawn/shrimp myself but I don't mind either to cook something about it, especially when I want to break from feeding my people with meat/poutry. Anyway, we are lucky to live in the country that many kinds of seafood are available and affordable, so I normally plan to have at least once a week of seafood meal and luckily that none of my family members has a problem of consuming it.

I've found this recipe on and was keen to give it a try...It seemed complicated when I had a look through a recipe for the first time but after the second scan, I realised that nothing is difficult except it requires some time for making a stock !

The recipe doesn't say what to serve it with but from the reviews, lots of people have chosen pasta to go along with and that's the way I decided to serve my family the completed meal..

And a verdict ? It's not a 'wow' or 'hit' dish for my tasters but there was no complaint I thought it's probably not worth an effort to make a stock by yourself  and would be easier to use an instant / ready-to-use stock instead... Anyway, I've found another way to enjoy the dish is to eat it with a big chunk of ( homemade cheesy garlic ) bread !!

Recipe could be found here.  


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sana said...

verry yummy... ;=)